Meeting 3It all begins with serving your Customers.

At Allegro Business Solutions we are focused on helping you with your projects by reducing risk and increasing the potential for success through a collection of proven techniques and methods. 

Are your processes still manual and you know that if you could automate you could increase quality and reduce cost?  Are you having trouble with a process that just doesn’t seem to yield a reliable result?  We have worked with Clients to make substantial improvements on a wide array of  processes from Business Development & M&A to Asset Management in  Datacenters and would like to talk to you about how we can help.

Do you need some help with a development project that seems to be stuck?  Do you have questions about how effective your development process is today and what you can do to improve it for the future?  We  have expertise across a broad range of technologies and development processes employed across diverse industries of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500′s to get your project unstuck and to improve your processes for the next project.

Allegro Business Solutions offers services in four key areas:  Project/Program ManagementLean 6 Sigma methods, Agile & Scrum techniques and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) . Our principal has years of successful experience with these tools and techniques that can be engaged to meet your needs whether on-site or virtual.   We know that each solution has to be tailored to the company culture and team makeup so we focus working with a variety of stakeholders as part of our processes.

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