Managing IT today involves far more than just managing the technology.¬† Businesses are demanding far more for IT services than just “lights on”, but are looking for partnership to grow the business whether internally or externally.¬† Instead of managing IT technology, IT Service management (ITSM) involves organizing IT as a set of services that are aligned to business needs.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of tools to have IT projects meet or exceed customer expectations 

Our principle is certified in ITIL V3 and can help you take your IT processes from a cost center to a value added part of the corporate strategy in the following areas:

Service Strategy – To define the perspective, position, plans and patterns that a services provider needs to be able to execute to meet an organizations business outcomes adding value by the creation and maintenance of the portfolio of qualified services

Service Design – To design IT services so effectively that minimal improvement during their lifecycle will be required to ease the implementation of new or changed services at agreed to SLAs or OLAs.

Service Transition – To ensure that new and modified or retired services meet the expectations of the business providing greater successful changes and improved control of service assets and configuration.

Service Operations – To coordinate and carry out the activities and process required to deliver and manage service at agreed SLAs or OLAs to business users and customers by reducing the duration and frequency of service outages

Continual Service Improvement – To align IT services with the changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements that support business processes to ensure that they remain continuously aligned to business requirements and customer needs.