PM triangleSchedule, Budget and Scope have been used to describe the primary constraints on a project, but there are many others.   Things like what process is being used from Waterfall to Agile? What is the team makeup?  How supportive are the stakeholders?  What tools are being used to plan, track and manage the process to uncover risk and keep management notified of progress?  And the one that is least obvious but hugely critical is the Voice of the Customer (VOC) being considered through the entire project life cycle?

We can help you with these concerns as we have over 20 years experience, are PMP certified and have managed successful projects to include:

  • Datacenter Asset Management – Led a diverse team at Microsoft of researchers, product developers and deployment experts to develop an RFID tag asset management system. Managed System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process completing various checklists e.g. FMEA, DOE to improve system performance to requirements. Led the system design and prioritized features and functions uncovering root-cause issues and transitioned team to new “center of excellence” external design team. Led several “Black Belt” labeled process improvement efforts at Microsoft of asset management and data cleanup processes and tools introducing Lean 6σ (DMAIC, Value Stream) and ITIL (ITSM) techniques using Agile PM methods
  • Partner Engagement – Led multiple projects to engage partner support in clients ecosystem in SaaS based Unified Communications, ILM and Document Management. (SharePoint)
  • SaaS Applications – Led virtualized datacenter software projects at Microsoft in the CRM, ILM, and SFA mobile application areas. Documented and redesigned using Lean methodologies the overall engagement process for significant cycle-time and partner satisfaction (Cloud  CRM and SharePoint).
  • Document Management – Developed new process using lean techniques to OEM products using LEAN techniques.  Led and improved M&A process to acquire several software technology/products.   Established processes for partner engagement as process owner.  Project managed the integration of speech technology on Unified Communications (UM) platform. Led team to integrate multiple mobile apps in the unified communications domain. Worked with Percussion WCMS tools to develop web based partner portal add-on site.  Project managed skunk works project to integrate fixed documents (Fax and scanned) with SharePoint via partners in Dubai via Agile techniques – successful showing at SharePoint 2007 and 2008.
  • Mobile PDF viewer – Software development on the HP iPAQ to offer the first PDF viewer on a mobile device.  Led team of remote programmers in Novosibirsk – 17 developers with 14-hour time zone difference.  Worked with partners to develop ActiveX controls for desktop applications. Established a product development process to improve repeatability.
  • Speech – Software development for both real-time and desktop applications to enable internet Speech Browsing and developed a Samsung Watch Cellphone that was also speech enabled.  Establish a product development process to improve repeatability.  Led team working with speech community to establish SpeechXML.  Led effort to speech enable Windows CE, Symbian and other O/S’s.
  • Network Management -Developed networking topology for both product and corporate Information Services.  Product networks include 10/100BaseT, ATM 25.6 and OC-3 protocols, while supporting multiple server technologies such as Oracle Video Server, NetShow Theater, SGI MediaBase and others on multiple hardware platforms.  Managed internal site servers for all business applications.
  • Set-top Box (cable box) – Systems and Software development of an NT based set-top box employing DirectX that included a web browser developed in HTML and ASP using software patterns.  Worked with Microsoft in the early stages of embedded NT.  Tools used include:  NT 4.0 using ATL, COM, ActiveX, DirectX, JavaScript, VB, C++ and MFC.  Improved the product development process.
  • Device (IC) programming – Systems and Software development of new patented programming system that included automated pick and place technology deployed at Motorola and Nokia handset factories. Responsible for project to develop a Partner website for custom programming based on Perl and Python.  Major contributor to ISO9000 certification - Six sigma project.
  • Medical Ultrasound – Systems and Software development using the modified waterfall method to successfully launch the next generation Doppler Color Flow product that was judged by the market as leading edge.  Major contributor to corporate ISO9000 certification – Six Sigma project.