Lean 2

The “House of LEAN”

There are so many processes today that need to be either updated or automated.   Lean 6 Sigma techniques provide a wealth of tools to make those changes to add the highest customer value.

By understanding and documenting your current process flow an “AS IS”a  picture can be developed to understand the current state.   There is lists of tools that can be employed to uncover this Process Flow such as Process Mapping, Observation, Swim Lanes, Value Stream Mapping to name just a few.

By understanding the Voice of the Customer (VOC) you team can capture, analyze (MoSCoW) and prioritizing (Kano) their needs into actionable requirements.

Collecting data on the process and applying Causation Analysis will lead the team to the root causes that are again actionable.  Tools such as Fishbone Diagrams, the 5 Whys and Design of Experiments (DOE) among others will provide the data to make clear decision on the way forward

Finally understanding Capacity Constrains , Time Traps and developing a revised “TO BE” process can make it clear to the organization what improvements to expect and how they will be implemented.                                                Below is the full DMAIC process flow.


 Resources:  Lean Six Sigma Institute, Lean 6 Society, Project Management Institute (PMI)