ScrumPlan – Commit – Execute – Demo – Reflect

Are your product of service project deliverables unpredictable; late, over budget, less than expected quality?   Are there times when the project effort just doesn’t hit the mark with your customer’s expectations?   Are you looking for a better way to have predictable outcomes on your software projects? Perhaps it is the SDLC that you are using …

Agile Software Development is a outcome of the Lean Six Sigma effort to increase Customer Value.  Our principle is a Certified Scrum Master and thoroughly understands the process flow from Product backlog through to reflection at the end of a sprint and more importantly the people interactions to ensure successful Sprints.  Having lived with the Waterfall and Modified Waterfall processes of the past we can help your team migrate to Agile to improve the outcomes of your product or service efforts by adding customer value at each iteration.  With Agile Management the Product Owners know in 2 to 4 week increments what the product looks like because as part of the process there are built in QA & testing activities and a final demo that is defined as releasable at the end of each Sprint.

What if you have several teams working on a much larger project?   Are you looking for a Lean/Agile Portfolio and/or PMO capability.  Perhaps you are starting at the single Scrum level and if so Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) may be your choice,  Agile can also be scaled to a Scrum of Scrums as there are several open source frameworks that are available.  One such is interesting named the “Scaled Agile Framework” authored by Leffingwell.   With this three tiered (Portfolio, Programs, Projects) methodology programs can be developed  with regular and continuous deployments.  With ABS you can rest assured we have the background and training to help you migrate to a reliable and repeatable SDLC model.